Pedal your way with CYKIQ.


What is CYKIQ

CYKIQ is a dock-less bicycle sharing system to connect places in a closed community. Cycles can be taken from anywhere and parked back in any parking space. Cashless payments make the process swift and handy. 


CYKIQ gives you the control to move the way you want anytime, anywhere without wasting a second in walking or finding a ride. Its equipped with cashless payments to avoid the hassle of cash or caring to pay every time. Our mission is to lessen the use of combustion engines for short distance in closed communities to make them livable for people rather than automobiles.

Where to find the bicycles?

Cycles are parked at locations called Preferable locations. These locations and cycles can be found using the companion application. When you have reached your destination, either park the cycle at the nearest preferable location or at an accessible location where other users can find it. 

How to pay

CYKIQ application is equipped with digital wallets that charge based on distance and time. The user has to embed his digital wallet with the app to use the service. The wallet can be juiced up from nearby merchants. 

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