Hostelites who complain of extensive distances within NUST and who long for wheels that would make their lives easier, we heard you! Not only do we empathize, we’ve also come up with a comprehensive and efficient plan of action that will shorten distances for you while also providing you with your daily dose of exercise in a fun, healthy way! This service is not limited to just hostilities, but will also tend to the needs of those who spend their whole day at NUST, running between different schools and Concordia, and do not get the time to cater to their physical fitness. Yes Day Scholars, We’re looking at you!

NUSTians, this service has been designed specifically to improve your university life, and how could we wholly do that without keeping in mind every student’s dire financial situation? CYKIQ is not only efficient, but it is also cheap! Per ride fares start from just Rs. 15, and monthly subscription from just Rs. 500! The entire process is automatic, keeping in mind the fact that you’re all always stretched for time, for what really is university life if not just one big blur? From hiring a bike to returning it, the whole process is automated to minimize time wastage for those of you who are always running late. The booking process is nice and easy, all you have to do is go online and book a ride and voilà you’re done.

Okay, so why do you need to follow this blog you ask? Simply because it will keep you updated about Pakistan’s first of it’s kind Cycle Rental service ever! And you also need it for booking the rides….just saying.

So C’mon NUSTians, Gear Up And Come Ride With Us!

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