On the morning of 29th January 2017, CYKIQ partnered with Pakistan Children Heart Foundation for their Hole in the Heart Bicycling Ride Event. PCHF is a Lahore based non-profit organization whose mission is providing the highest quality of care for children with heart diseases, irrespective of their financial means. Till now they have funded 574 surgeries costing Rs. 199 Million.

The event was part of their Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Campaign with Islamabad playing host to it for the first time. It was encouraging and heartwarming to see how 120 people from men and women, young and old and beginners and professionals, gathered at Faisal Mosque at 9 am and enthusiastically rode on towards Sports Complex via 7 th avenue wearing ‘let’s build a children’s hospital’ t-shirts for a cause they believed in. When they made a refreshments stop at the Arts & Crafts Village, Founder PCHF’s talk about the importance of the cause, to which the participants responded by coming forward with donations, further inculcated the spirit of charity and good will in the participants.

Team CYKIQ felt incredibly humbled by playing a part in such a noble initiative by lending bicycles from its crew to the riders along with managing everything from registrations to bicycle maintenance and riding along with the group during the day. Apart from CYKIQ, Islamabad Cycling Association and Early Bird Riders, also participated and greatly appreciated our efforts for not only the cause but also the automated bicycle hiring initiative as well as its role in promoting cycling as a healthy mode of transportation, and woman empowerment due to its availability to all students.

Founder PCHF Mr Farhan Ahmed greatly lifted CYKIQ team’s spirit by stating that he was honored by CYKIQ’s collaboration and impressed by our work. He shared that he himself always wanted a bike ride facility to be available and would offer any kind of support that is required.

Additional encouragement to the team was provided by Mr Haroon General, who is the head of Islamabad Cycling Association and endorsed CYKIQ’s automated bicycle hiring initiative. He shared his belief that ‘new kids bringing new blood’ would surely contribute towards the progress of cycling community in the country. He very generously offered collaboration and support in future and expressed his wish to expand CYKIQ to a national level.

The Early Bird Riders Group who work towards woman empowerment through cycling shared many kind words for us further boosting our morale. The founder, Mr Khawaja Zaheer ud Din fully supported CYKIQ which allows students to take cycles from one campus area to another and dock them. Samreen Khan and Samar Khan from EBR also gave their best wishes to CYKIQ and were of the view that it is a great way to promote cycling especially for female riders considering the service has a campus setting.

At the end of the day, CYKIQ is honoured and humbled to have been able to contribute towards such a noble cause as well as grateful to receive the overwhelming support and encouragement of the participants. Building upon the essence of this event and the feedback we received, we aim to continue promoting cycling as the healthiest, good-for- the-heart; means of travelling for short distances while also empowering the female student community in NUST through cycling. We believe an on campus environment of female cycling will contribute towards general acceptance of woman on the roads and in public spaces. And CYKIQ is glad to be offering everyone the chance to make that difference in society.

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