Back in their First Semester at SEECS in 2013, Cykiq’s very own Hamza and Ans along with their friends followed a strict regimen of C3 milkshakes every evening keeping in mind its benefits to health of the mind, body and soul. One fateful night during their OHTs, when they had to ditch preparations for next day’s exam in favour of getting a milkshake, yet did not want to spend too much time on it, they realized they had a PROBLEM.


It took 20 minutes on foot just to go back and forth from Razi I to C3 to get the milkshakes.


Now, the first obvious choice to light a bulb in their minds was having a bike. A bike had the advantage of being a fast mode of transportation. But it had more cons. What about the cost? The maintenance expense? The petrol? And well, the bike idea went down the drain when there were 5-6 of them and ‘double/triple sawari tou waise bhi nahin allowed’.

Next item of consideration was the bicycle. Bicycles were cheaper and itself a healthy and fun way to get around, leading them to think how great would it be to have a system for those on campus. And viola, an idea for a bicycle service in NUST came into aspirations! But then again, it struck their minds that bicycles are already lying around in the hostel courtyard with nothing but dust stuck on them since the 19th century. With this, they concluded that they can’t be used either. The night ended and took the idea with it in its air.

A few weeks down the road, the boys attended a workshop about Entrepreneurship held by YES society. They were greatly inspired by the speaker, Khurram Mujtaba who emphasized how ‘entrepreneurship is about solving your real-life, current problems’. After the event, Hamza sent the speaker a follow up email and going back to that life-changing night, shared the idea of a bicycle service in NUST. Khurram Mujtaba, who had his own start up in America, really liked and appreciated the idea. Having lived in both Pakistan and America and being fully aware of the cross cultural differences when it came to use of bicycles, he took Hamza under his mentorship. Hamza went on to take a Business and Entrepreneurship course from the renowned Kauffman Foundation.

The business model was devised, resources were sorted out, and..

CYKIQ was born.


The rest is history. But WAIT, the story doesn’t end here. Stay tuned for more!! nike air max günstig nike air max günstig