After the conception of the idea and the various entrepreneurship competitions, CYKIQ entered and emerged victorious in comes the most recent, most important milestone in CYKIQ’s journey; the installation of the station at Razi 1. In just four short years CYKIQ has come a long way from being just an idea that two engineering students had one night to having two stations inside of NUST (one at Razi 1 and one at SEECS).

The station at Razi 1 was installed in September 2016 and had a soft launch on January 1st, 2017. The station comprises of ten docks that contain ten bikes; which were rented out to eighteen customers in the first month and received such a positive response that there are more than sixty registrations waiting to be catered to at the moment.

The installation of this station has been paramount to CYKIQ’s overall journey as it is the first step on our road to undeniable success. The station at Razi 1 is a standing testament to CYKIQ’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction; the ones who tried it, loved it, and also spread the word so that others could benefit from it as well.

So there you go guys, the story of our first key milestone among the many to come. In the end, we’d just like to remind you guys to stay safe and ride safer.

CYKIQ out. michaeltaschesale michaeltaschesale