It was on a cool breezy April day back in 2015 that our story starts, perhaps the most important one in our evolution; the story of how and when the core team first met each other. Hamza Afridi and Ans Shehzad had entered an entrepreneurship competition  FICS, where they were to pitch Cykiq as their core idea; whereas Senam Khan was a protocol officer in the organizing committee of the event. Senam, being the protocol officer, had to move with the judge as he went to every team’s stand and listened to their ideas and that was how she met Ans and Hamza.

Even though their idea was great and so was their pitch, Senam, being an industrial designer in the making, thought that they really lacked as far as design was concerned. And that was exactly what she told them(words like unpleasant to look at and ugly might have also been used). Ans and Hamza, instead of getting defensive, took the criticism positively and Upon learning that Senam was a design student, asked her to become a part of the team.

As it goes, Senam, along with her best friend Ammara Tariq had been planning to come up with a venture that would keep them busy during the summer and Cykiq fit the bill perfectly. Shortly after Senam, Ammara joined aswell and the original team came to be and then the Cykiq family lived happily ever after.

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