May 10th. The biggest milestone for us yet. The day that signified new beginnings, the day when things got really real. The day of CYKIQ’s Official Launch in NUST.

The day started the same as any other, birds chirping, the sun shining ruthlessly and relentlessly on our heads, students coming to university with thoughts of quizzes and assignments in their heads; but something was different. You could smell it in the air. Revolution was on it’s way.

Being a university student is hard; you’re always low on cash, you always have something due, and you’re almost always late. And if you’re a hostellite, then it’s even worse. Now in a university as huge as NUST, where you spend most of your time running from one place to another, what more can any student ask for more than a set of wheels that are cheap and easy to maintain. And then again, there’s your health that you’ve got to take care of. CYKIQ was designed as an answer to all these prayers, a solution for all these problems. It may not fix everything in your life, but it’ll still fix plenty. Cheap, accessible, convenient, and a healthy mode of travel; CYKIQ is what dreams are made of.

After working on the idea for three years; arranging funds, investing in infrastructure, taking care of the paper work, the day finally came when all of these efforts came to fruition. The day of the launch. The venue was the helipad ground across NBS, the time was 4 pm, the weather was sunny with winds balancing out the heat, and the crowd of 700 excited students had already assembled. CYKIQ’s team stood ready, decorations in place, cycles geared up to be ridden, everything all set.

To bless us all and to really bless the start of this company, the ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, the ground silent while everyone took a moment to listen to the prayer. An address from the Pro Rector RIC Rear Admiral Dr. Nasser Ikram followed the recitation, where he expressed his pleasure and satisfaction regarding the students’ initiative and congratulated them on achieving their goal. After that, the four core team members, Hamza Zamir Afridi, Ans Shahzad, Ammara Tariq and Senam Khan introduced the project where they explained what CYKIQ was about and how they worked. Beaming with pride, were three members, who had mentored the young students through the whole ordeal of creating CYKIQ into a functional unit. Advising from the start, Sir Amer Hashmi and Ma’am Rabia helped out in every way possible. It was President of the Alumni Association, Sir Ammar, who provided the students with the contacts they needed to lift off from the ground and to become what they are today. After this came the ribbon cutting ceremony and after that came the most anticipated part of all; the part where everyone, even the audience, got to ride the bikes. The evening ended with people still buzzing with excitement about the service that had just been introduced to them, with the team tired from setting everything up all day but extremely happy of having achieved their goal, and the sun setting in the background.

No doubt, the success of the launch would resemble that of the initiative, In shaa Allah. michael kors tasche jet set michael kors tasche jet set