Wondering how CYKIQ has grown at this rate in such a short period of time? Along with the guidance of our amazing mentors, the Technology Incubation Center at NUST has helped us in growing and continues to do so. Our journey with them began in the November of 2016, when we were incubated in the Pre-Incubation Hall with multiple start-ups. From the very first day, we were given full support not only in terms of infrastructure but through mentorship by Sir Adnan Faisal. Sir Adnan, being the General Manager at TIC, has not only guided us by sharing his guidance but also helped in securing NUST as our first client. Being a business professional, his perspective always puts things into a new light and enables us to explore new dimensions.

Along with Sir Adnan, Sir Sayaf Arbab, Program Manager, and Ma’am Humaira Sajjad, Assistant Manager Program Management, have helped us in running things smoothly which allowed us to focus on our business. After our pre-incubation period ended, we moved into our own space. They both assisted and accommodated us through-out the process making it very easy for us. Amid of all the busy day, their positive attitude is a great stress reliever.

Being incubated at TIC, we have gotten valuable insights and have learned new tools through various workshops conducted at the Incubation Center. Expert Talk on “Influence Marketing” by Mr. Fahad Tiwana, Training on “Understand your Customer the Lean Startup Way” and various others has allowed us to learn from professionals and by applying the insights we got from these trainings, has helped us in growing our business.

TIC is more than an incubation center. They have, not only helped us grow but are simultaneously catering to 29 other start-ups. The atmosphere energizes you on bad day and inspires you to work even harder on a good day. Hoping that this mentorship and collaborative environment grows and sustains.

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