The most prominent issue concerning Pakistan, especially Lahore and adjoining areas these days is smog. Some say the Indians are doing it, some say foreign forces are behind it, but no one talks about the real culprit; pollution. The overall level has risen so high that we are witnessing immediate side effects of the problems it’s causing. Recently the West Indies Tour to Lahore got postponed due to the smog issue in Lahore. The substantial layer of smog covering Lahore like a thick gray blanket did not make for great cricketing conditions and hence the decision of postponement was made. Many cricket fans can be heard berating the weather for this but few fully understand the full implications of the problems the smog is actually causing. Syed Muhammad Abubakar reports in Dawn:

‘According to the Climate Risk for 2016: the most affected countries are Haiti, Zimbabwe and Fiji. Pakistan is ranked 40th in the list, suffering 566 casualties, losing US$47.313 million- equivalent to 0.0048% of the GDP’

These statistics are alarming for a country like ours and the effects that we are seeing and experiencing now in the form of smog and rising health problems pay testimony to the fact that we’ve let this problem go unchecked for so long that it is getting out of hand now. The establishment of coal and fuel based industries, something that the first world progressed through but has now long moved on from, have had far reaching consequences and have manifested themselves in the problem that plague us today. Factors like population growth, increasing number of industries that have no proper procedure for waste management, contamination of water sources and the heavy use of smoke emitting auto vehicles are problems that need to be addressed immediately or the consequences will indeed be dire.

Dr. Adil Najam, Dean of Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University said regarding this situation,

‘The problem is that we continue to act in the face of clear and present danger. Another report. Another list. Another ranking. Another seminar. Another talk. That will not help as much as action will.’

Immediate and effective action is the need of the hour and anything other than that won’t help the situation at all. Initiatives such as spreading awareness about power consumption, limiting the number of vehicles, introducing environmental healthy means of transportation and commissioning the shift to greener power resources in the governmental and industrial sectors are needed for the rectification of the ever growing dilemma.

Realizing these issues in 2013 and keeping social responsibility in mind, Cykiq designed a transportation system that would not just help the environment but also the health of the customers and their economic condition too. Smog reduces life expectancy up to 7 years, through healthy modes of transport like Cykiq’s you are not only making the environment more livable but also adding years to your life and your children.  Cykiq focuses on reducing carbon foot print in major cities and bring about a revolution in how transportation options are viewed. Cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad don’t need more cars; this does not mean that people walk everywhere but initiatives like Cykiq and the promotion of hybrid cars and electronic public trams are to be introduced so that people have enough public transportation options that they do not need to get out their car for everything. In our present society, cars or motorcycles are a necessity because there is no other way to commute; Cykiq aims on changing this and paving the way for a greener environment, one healthier and brighter than the one we can forecast right now. canada goose sale damen canada goose sale damen