As an Electrical Engineer, polish your skills by applying what you have learned in your classrooms. Get involved in the development of a startup of your very own school. Things you will experience by being part of the technical team:

  • PCB designing and optimization and printing.
  • Simulation and building engines.
  • Understanding of manuals and datasheets.
  • Fundamental tradeoffs of different controllers.
  • Basic electrical engineering skills i.e. soldering, programming and basic simulations.

Min Requirement:

Following are the min requirements for this position:

  • Familiarity with basic electronics and building tools.
  • Basic level expertise in soldering, wiring and coding.

Ever thought of taking your mechanical aptitude to test? This opportunity helps you do exactly that. By joining CYKIQ’s mechanical engineering team you will be working on and learning about:

  • Mechanical design, simulation and stress testing.
  • Fabrication process and material requirements.

Min Requirement:

Following are the min requirements for this position:

  • Hands on experience with Autocad
  • Has experience with lathe and milling machines to prototype custom parts.

Having worked on a product has always been a thrilling experience for software engineers and adds real weight to your CVs. Remember projects are different than products. We help you learn to make just that. By joining our software development team you will be working on:

  • Cloud computing
  • Android development
  • Website development
  • Web designing standards, their purpose, benefits and appropriateness.

Min Requirement:

Following are the min requirements for this position:

  • Basic understanding of cloud computing/android development/website development.
  • An out-of-the-box thinker with the ability to suggest alternative solutions.

Resource management is the key for every startup. Keeping count of every penny and saving from any possible way is what you’d be required to do as a Finance managers at CYKIQ. Additional services include:

  • Maintain financial sheets (expenditure, debit, credit, cash flow, remaining balance) and regularly update financial forecast sheets.
  • Resource management.
  • Audit purchase equipment.

Min Requirement:

Following are the min requirements for this position:

  • A number-holic
  • Good with finance & Resource Management

Marketing Executive:

Marketing is the key factor in making any start-up successful. If you know how to engage the crowd, create interest and bring in customers, then this portfolio is for you. Along with which you will be doing the following as well:

  • Coming up with creative marketing ideas
  • Handling ground marketing

Min Requirement:

  • Should get along with people easily
  • Be enthusiastic about CYKIQ

Content Generation:

Are words your strongest weapon? Then we have a spot for you in our content generation team. We will be dealing with all the articles and written content that would be used for our publicity and other sources. You should posses the following traits:

  • Must have a defined written expression
  • Should be able to write all formats of writing

Min Requirement:

  • Must have prior experience/ sample work
  • Should be able to meet deadlines

Graphic Designer:

Visuals speak louder than words? If this is what you believe in as well, come and join us in communicating via visuals with the masses. We will be generating graphics which will be used for marketing and publicity. You must be open to the following things:

  • Experimentation
  • Learning new tools of Visualization

Min Requirement:

  • Worked on Photoshop/Illustrator previously
  • Must have a digital portfolio

Social Media Marketing:

Always snapchatting? Tweeting about everything around you 24/7? You’ll never be working in this team, as you will be doing what you love. If social media is your thing, this team is for you. You should:

  • Be good with one liners
  • Know how to write catchy captions

Min Requirements:

  • Active on social media platforms
  • Ideas for social media marketing


Capturing moments and making memories freeze in time is what you are best at, then Team Media is for you. Join us and help us document the CYKIQ journey and built our archives.

Min Requirements:

  • Should know the basics use of a DSLR
  • Should know basic photo/video editing softwares.
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